Frequently Asked Questions

How many DiSC Profiles can I purchase at one time?

DiSC-Assessments will sell you any quantity of DiSC Profiles that you prefer by helping you set up your own EPIC Account (details below) and ensuring you are rewarded with the best Volume-Based Quantity Discounts available anywhere!

For example, if you are interested in buying online Profiles for your team and/or organization, we will provide you 1 FREE EPIC Account with your purchase of 250, 1000, or 2000 EPIC Credits (see "EPIC Account Starters") so that you can start off on the right foot, and gain all of the advantages to having your own EPIC Account listed below.


Why does DiSC-Assessments recommend a quantity limit of 3 to 4 of each online Profile to customers without an EPIC Account?

Our primary customer is a corporate leader who has set up an EPIC Account for their organization to administer Everything DiSC online.  This customer comes here to regularly replenish their EPIC Account with EPIC Credits.  Therefore, our top selling products are EPIC Account Starters and EPIC Credits to organizations worldwide.

However, some customers are only interested in purchasing 1 to 4 DiSC Profiles for themselves and/or for their spouses, partners, friends, and families.  These enlighten professionals are curious about the DiSC styles of others with whom they live and work.  This is why we also sell Profiles individually and in small quantities.

We also receive requests from individual contributors, sole proprietors, team leaders, and executives from smaller organizations who are interested in "trying out" DiSC products to begin Talent Development efforts.  Since an EPIC Account & EPIC Credits may not be necessary for very small, infrequent product orders of 1 to 4 Profiles, DiSC-Assessments offers these professionals direct access to online solutions, such as the individual Profiles sold here.

Simply put, DiSC-Assessments provides the BEST solutions for larger, frequent, "organizational" EPIC Credit orders for our customers with EPIC Accounts, AND, the BEST solutions for smaller, infrequent, "personal" DiSC Profile orders.

As a smart shopper, you want the best products for the best prices, with no regrets.  Purchasing larger quantities of online Profiles from an online seller without your own EPIC Account is simply not smart nor cost-effective for you.

For example, it makes no business sense to purchase 5 or more ED Management Profiles for your organization's leaders without your own EPIC account because all of your leaders' DiSC Profile results will be stored in the seller's EPIC Account database forever, and not in your organization's EPIC Account database.  You will immediately lose the ability to access your leaders' DiSC Profile results to run free and unlimited ED Supplements for Facilitators, Comparison Reports, and Team Views, and you will never be able to run value-added ED Group Culture and ED Facilitator Reports whenever team membership grows or changes.  Finally, you will likely pay much more, and receive much less than you would with your own EPIC Account.

Sadly, very few of our competitors will tell you this, because selling larger quantities of online DiSC products to you will greatly benefit these online sellers, but not you.

Our values, philosophies, and approach are quite different.  We never sell what we wouldn't buy!  This is one of many reasons why we've been successful as a trusted business partner for 45 years, and counting!

What is EPIC, and what are EPIC Accounts & EPIC Credits?

EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center) is an online platform that provides a simple way for you and your organization to deliver the most advanced Everything DiSC Profiles, Reports, and learning assessments via the internet.

After you set up an EPIC Account through DiSC-Assessments, you will have access to ALL Everything DiSC online Profiles!  From your computer, you can administer access codes worldwide that allow people to complete any assessment available online.  Once a respondent finishes answering the questions, the resulting report goes to the respondent and/or to you.

"EPIC Credits" is the term to describe the "currency" used within the EPIC Account System.  Varying amounts of EPIC Credits (often 15, 20, and 25 EPIC Credits per Profile/Report) are needed to issue "Instant Access Codes" for individual reports, and to generate Group Culture & Facilitator Reports.

EPIC Credits are purchased from DiSC-Assessments.  Many of our clients typically buy 1000, 2000, or more EPIC Credits annually to use throughout the year, and to take advantage of our various Volume-Based Quantity Discounts.  From added features to an enhanced narrative style, online Profiles offer many more advantages that the “old school” paper instruments just can't match — this is what we call the EPIC Edge!

Do I need an EPIC Account to buy Profiles from DiSC-Assessments?

No.  You, your team, and your organization do not need your own EPIC Account & EPIC Credits to purchase small, limited quantities (1 to 4) of selected online Profiles.  DiSC-Assessments offers professionals an online solution for small, infrequent product orders:  Direct access to the world's best DiSC products available online, and for the world's best prices!


What are the primary advantages for having my own EPIC Account?

If you are interested in buying online Profiles for your team and/or organization, we can provide you 1 FREE EPIC Account with your purchase of 250, 1000, or 2000 EPIC Credits!


Your EPIC Account provides you and your organization ALL of the following benefits:


Access to Everything DiSC Profiles

Access to highly-valued Team Reports, including:

  • ED Group Culture Report
  • ED Facilitator Report

 Access to specialized Team Reports, including:

  • ED Work Of Leaders Group Report
  • ED Work Of Leaders Facilitator Report

Access to FREE and UNLIMITED Follow-up Reports, including:

  • ED Supplement For Facilitators
  • ED Comparison Report
  • ED Team View

Full Administrative Control

  • Brand and customize online Profiles & Reports with your own organization’s contact information and logo

  • Email "Instant Access Codes" worldwide to any member of your organization, ideal for the needs of multi-location businesses

  • Provide everyone immediate access to any online assessment

  • Provide everyone instant access to results in a personalized Profile, to read, save, and print

  • Determine when and where respondents view their profile results to manage every step of the learning process

  • ED Sales Customer Interaction MapAudit system activity and determine how many profiles have been completed by training participants at any time

  • Administrators can also view, print, or email completed reports, as EPIC maintains an archive of completed profiles

  • Access to 24/7 EPIC online Help references and easy-to-follow video tutorials

Significant Cost-Savings

  • Employees can complete assessments online in advance of training sessions, ensuring that every minute of training time is used to its full advantage

  • Your EPIC system takes care of scoring the Profiles, saving time & increasing accuracy

  • EPIC Account owners automatically receive the most current versions and improvements of each Profile as they are released, and at no additional cost

  • EPIC Account owners receive the benefit of our volume-based quantity discounts

  • EPIC Credits never expire

  • EPIC Accounts have no annual fees or renewal charges

No Regrets

If you are interested in buying online Profiles for your team and/or organization, we can provide you 1 FREE EPIC Account so that you can start off on the right foot, and gain ALL of the advantages listed above!

As a smart shopper, you want the best products for the best prices, with no regrets.



Are there any disadvantages for having my own EPIC Account?

Since the up-front cost of setting up your EPIC Account is FREE (with your purchase of 250, 1000, or 2000 EPIC Credits), all you have to do is learn how the EPIC Account System works, as you would with any other new online software program.  Simple as that.

How much time will it take to get up and running?  Feedback from our clients confirms:  Learning how to use the EPIC system takes between 1-4 hours total training time, depending on your DiSC style!  Therefore, there are really no disadvantages for having your own EPIC Account!

We recommend that you learn the EPIC system at a comfortable, stress-free pace, 3-4 weeks before you distribute online assessments throughout your organization.  The EPIC menu bar and EPIC on-line screen help will guide you through this easy process.  Completely read and use “EPIC Help” & “EPIC Tutorials” (easy-to-follow videos).  Open and explore everything in this menu bar, one screen at a time.

When should I consider having my own EPIC Account?

You should seriously consider having your own EPIC Account set up through DiSC-Assessments when you want ANY ONE of the following:

  • To purchase a quantity of Profiles and/or Reports that are equivalent to 250 or more EPIC Credits.  (Example:  10+ ED Management Profiles, or 17+ ED Workplace Profiles).

  • Access to many other Profiles & Reports (e.g., All those listed here at DiSC-Assessments)

  • Access to highly-valued Team Reports (e.g., ED Group Culture and ED Facilitator Reports to run whenever team membership grows or changes)

  • Access to specialized Team Reports (e.g., ED Work Of Leaders Group Reports and Facilitator Reports)

  • Access to free and unlimited Follow-Up Reports (e.g., ED Supplements for Facilitators, Comparison Reports, & Team Views)

  • Access to the results from past Profiles to use in future Reports (e.g., Combine Profile results from 2 years ago with Profile results from 2 days ago, to run a new Team Report)

Please refer to the following chart for further guidance.

Please Note:  (A) The EPIC Credits Charged Per Profile/Report, (B) The Profiles/Reports available to you, & (C) The Languages available to you, may change throughout the year per Wiley, our supplier.  Your EPIC Account will always be current, whereas this chart below is revised infrequently (last revised May 2023).

    How much does it cost to set up my own EPIC Account?

    Since an EPIC Account requires EPIC Credits to be useful, DiSC-Assessments can provide you a 1 FREE EPIC Account with your purchase of 250, 1000, or 2000 EPIC Credits!

    You can apply these EPIC credits toward any variation of online Profiles that total an equivalent of EPIC Credits you have.  For example, 250 EPIC Credits would cover:

    • 10 ED Management Profiles (25 Credits ea.)

    • 4 ED Management Profiles + 10 ED Workplace Profiles (15 Credits ea.)

    • 1 ED Management Profile + 5 ED Workplace Profiles + 6 ED Work Of Leaders Profiles (25 Credits ea.)

    • Etc.  Any variation of online Profiles that total an equivalent of 250 EPIC Credits

    DiSC-Assessments offers the following PACKAGES for NEW EPIC Account Users Only:


    What happens when my EPIC Credits "run out?"

    You will receive an automated notice when your EPIC Account Credit balance is at or below 50 EPIC Credits.  You can choose to replenish your EPIC Account by buying more EPIC Credits at any time.

    DiSC-Assessments offers the following PACKAGES for CURRENT EPIC Account Users Only:

      Can I buy other quantities of EPIC Credits?

      Yes, of course!  Please Contact Us to take advantage of our various Volume-Based Quantity Discounts.  Let us know how many EPIC Credits you want, and we'll provide you with our best price.  We provided the quantity options above because they represent the thresholds to our most popular Volume-Based Quantity Discounts!

      You can add any combination of EPIC Credits to your order, too.  For example, 1000 EPIC Credits + 250 EPIC Credits = 1250 EPIC Credits.  You are encouraged to compare this order to 1500 EPIC Credits to save even more per EPIC Credit.

      And, we will always offer you 1 FREE EPIC Account with your purchase of 250, 1000, or 2000 EPIC Credits (Limit 1 per organization).


      Why do you recommend the Everything DiSC Profiles instead of the DiSC Classic Profiles?

      We objectively share which DiSC products are best, and which are not, based on our 45 years of real-world applications of DiSC.

      For example, we strongly recommend the newer "Everything DiSC" product lines that were introduced in 2007 as a major upgrade to the older "DiSC Classic" product lines.  Why?

      All Everything DiSC products are professionally designed to provide focused, action-based results, and these products exclusively use adaptive testing technology for even higher validity and reliability than ever before.  We also think it's possible that the older DiSC Classic product lines may be phased out within the next decade, since similar dated DiSC Classic products are no longer available nor supported.

      We don’t want you to buy more than you need, anything that you'll regret, or anything less than you deserve.  To ensure that you are confident with your decision, please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have prior to your purchase.


      Why do you sell older DiSC Classic Profiles?

      Some people prefer to use the "old school" DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile, especially those who have used it within their organizations for decades, and don't want to revamp their training programs.

      For the future, we strongly encourage these leaders to consider a MAJOR UPGRADE From DiSC Classic To Everything DiSC Workplace and Management Profiles.  Please compare these Profiles, side-by-side, so that you can appreciate the significant differences.  You will clearly see that you get what you pay for.  The Everything DiSC Workplace and Management Profiles are SUPERIOR in every way!