EPIC Credits 25

$ 187.50

Package Description

25 EPIC Credits

Package for CURRENT EPIC Account Users Only

(NEW EPIC Account Users need to buy an EPIC Account Starter Package)

We offer this "EPIC Credits 25" Package for "small emergencies," which we all prefer to avoid, due to the extra stress and costs.  It's so much smarter and cost-effective to order larger quantities of EPIC Credits, such as 250 or more, to benefit from significant Volume Discounts.  However, we understand that emergencies do happen, and offer this "EPIC Credits 25" Package to help you get through them!

Consider our "EPIC Credits 100" and "EPIC Credits 250" Packages to SAVE!


What You Receive

  • 25 EPIC Credits added to your CURRENT EPIC Accountestablished with DiSC-Assessments.  You will immediately receive an email confirmation of your order.  Then, we will add your EPIC Credits to your CURRENT EPIC Account within 1-5 business days (Mon-Fri) of your order.

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