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Profile Description

Everything DiSC Management Profile

The Everything DiSC (ED) Management Profile is for all team leaders at any level within an organization (project leaders, supervisors, managers, directors, or executives).  Leaders learn about their strengths and challenges as managers, and how to adapt to meet the needs of the people they manage — making them more effective managers (and leaders!).

The ED Management Profile is an in-depth, research-validated online assessment with a 26-page management-specific stand-alone Profile that helps managers understand themselves, their employees, and their boss.  (This Profile is a significant improvement over the older DiSC Classic 2.0 Plus Profile.)

Each Profile Includes:

  • Introduction To DiSC

  • Your DiSC Overview

  • Your DiSC Style & Dot

  • Your DiSC Priorities & Shading

  • Your Management Preferences:  Motivators & Stressors

  • Your Directing & Delegating Style:  Strengths, Challenges, Strategies

  • Motivation & The Environment You Create: Needs Per DiSC Style

  • Your Approach To Developing Others: Needs Per DiSC Style

  • How Your Manager Sees You:  Working with Each DiSC Style

What You Receive

  • Everything DiSC MANAGEMENT Profile

  • When You Buy 1 = You will immediately receive an email confirmation of your order.  Then, an email with an "Access Code" (to link and login to the online assessment for your Profile) will be sent to you within 1-5 business days (Mon-Fri) to the billing email that you enter during the checkout process.  Upon receipt of your "Access Code," you can complete your assessment online at any time, and immediately receive your completed Profile to read, save, store, transmit, and/or print.

  • When You Buy 2 Or More = You will immediately receive an email confirmation of your order.  Then, within 1-5 business days (Mon-Fri), you will receive a 2nd email to you, offering 2 options:  (1) Recommended:  We can distribute all Access Codes to you for you to forward to others with your personalized email and commentary, so each candidate has your contact information for any questions.  Or, (2) We can request the names & email addresses to which all emails and Access Codes will be sent.  We need a different name and email address for each Profile you purchase.

Additional Info & Links

  • Guidelines = To make your choices easier, and your results more accurate and meaningful, consider:  If a film crew followed you for 3 years, how often would they film each behavior within the DiSC assessment?  Of course, the film crew will find that your behavior will vary from hour to hour, day to day, situation to situation, and at work and at home.  However, after 3 years of filming, what trend would the majority of the film show?  Describe your most common behaviors.  Describe how you really are, not how you want to be, and not how you think you should be.  It's best not to rush, nor over-think your responses.  Your assessment should take about 10-15 minutes.
  • Important = You can change your answers at any time during your assessment, but not after you have submitted your final answers.  Once you submit your final responses, your Profile is now officially completed and available to you.  Your Access Code cannot be used again to change your final answers, or to re-take your completed assessment to receive a new/different Profile.  There are no options available to us, or any other DiSC Product Distributor, to change your final answers on your completed Profile.  Your Access Code can be used to retrieve your completed Profile at any time.  You can buy a new Profile (using a new Access Code) at any time, although we recommend that you wait a minimum of 3-6 months between assessments for more reliable results.  Thank you for your understanding.

  • Additional Tool = The ED Management Profile "Supplement For Facilitators" (see 2 additional images) is only available to those with an EPIC Account set up by DiSC-Assessments.

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